We’re delighted that you’d like to start a new Community Garden in your neighborhood!

We recommend that you download, print, and read the helpful step-by-step Community Garden Start Up Guide from the University of California Cooperative Extension, Los Angeles County Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

In preparation for a discussion about how the Los Angeles Community Garden Council can help with your unique garden, please answer the questions below:

  1. Have you identified land for the new garden? If so, do you know who owns the land and if they are willing to lease it? Do you know what the land was used for previously? Have you conducted a soil test?
  2. What type of community garden are you envisioning: traditional garden with family plots, educational garden, urban farm or a hybrid of these types?
  3. How much community support do you have for the garden?
  4. Have you formed a volunteer leadership group to organize your community garden?
  5. Do you plan to manage the garden’s finances or would you like the Los Angeles Community Garden Council to help you with this?
  6. Do you have funds available to cover any of the setup expenses, garden maintenance, and water bills?


Planting the Seeds of a Sustainable Community Garden

Los Angeles Community Garden Council can help you organize the local community, form a volunteer garden leadership group, write your articles of incorporation, bylaws, and gardener agreements, and to develop your community garden rules and guidelines. Please contact us.

Documents & Resources for Starting a Community Garden
The Los Angeles Community Garden Council has over 24 years of experience building community gardens and we know the challenges that occur. Below, you will find some helpful documents to determine costs, get people in the garden, start your plots off with the right plants, and more!