Growing Food: Connecting us to earth and to each other

Founded in 1998 in response to the social unrest following the Rodney King riots, the Garden Council has been a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of racial tension, social isolation, and inequity in Los Angeles. 

We have built a dynamic network of 47 community gardens with more than 2,000 households that serve as vital green spaces in urban areas, offering not only fresh produce but also opportunities for exercise, community building, and cultural expression. 

Community gardens are unique in that they often represent one of the few spaces where the caretaking and governance are shared directly with the public. Unlike parks, which are typically managed by local government agencies, and residential or commercial properties, which are privately owned, community gardens are collaborative spaces where community members come together to cultivate and care for the land collectively.

This shared ownership and responsibility foster a sense of community empowerment and engagement, as individuals collaborate to make decisions, manage resources, and maintain the garden space. Through this shared governance model, community gardens not only provide access to fresh food and green space but also serve as hubs for community building, social interaction, and grassroots democracy.



Our mission is to strengthen communities by building and supporting community gardens where every person in Los Angeles County can grow healthy food in their neighborhood.



These are fundamental principles by which LACGC lives and fulfills the Mission and Vision. The values are the soul and essence of LACGC’s greatness.

  • Gardens are integral to the wellbeing of people, and to healthy, thriving regenerative communities.
  • LACGC fosters equitable access to gardens, and investment in urban agriculture as a means for pursuing economic justice.
  • LACGC builds intergenerational relationships for climate sustainability and resilience.
  • We honor the land, the earth’s wisdom and the people who have been here before us.
  • Gardens have a healing power for self, neighborhood, and the County of LA.