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Safe Clean Water Program – Measure W 

The Los Angeles Community Garden Council was awarded funding through the Los Angeles County Measure W – Safe Clean Water Program to conduct three watershed investigations, known collectively as the Community Garden Stormwater Capture Investigation Project. The Investigation will identify and assess the potential for community gardens to implement stormwater best management practices. The Investigation will result in conceptual stormwater capture designs for three (3) community gardens, one for each watershed (Upper San Gabriel, Central Santa Monica Bay, and Upper Los Angeles River). These designs can then be used to apply for the gardens’ own grant funding to support permitting and implementation.

Project Timeline: Spring 2023 – Winter 2024

Contact Information: If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to the Project Manager, Kayla Kelly-Slatten at [email protected].

Burbank Community Gardens

The Burbank Community Gardens seeks to promote an active community of gardening neighbors who practice organic gardening of plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the gardeners’ pleasure and consumption.

There are TWO candidate sites for Community Gardens,

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If you want to volunteer, please visit the Burbank Gardens website for dates and complete this waiver and submit it to the Burbank volunteer team, Volunteer Waiver

For all other inquiries, please email Operations Manager, Diana Campos-Jimenez at [email protected]City of Burbank Web page for Burbank Projects.

East Hollywood Garden Achievement Center

Opened on June 29th, 2019, this 24,000 square foot site in a residential neighborhood close to the Vermont/Santa Monica metro station will comprise of a public park at the front and a community garden at the rear.  We have 31 individual plots, educational plots, a communal garden, and a classroom for teaching gardening, landscaping, nutrition, and cooking. 

Good Earth Community Garden 

This community garden was founded in the 1974 and was managed by the same volunteer Garden Manager until 2016, when he asked Los Angeles Community Garden Council for our assistance.

The garden is approximately 10,000 square feet and is underneath Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) powerlines.  There are 41 active families working 15’ x 15’ plots to grow healthy food in the garden.  The large communal areas of the garden have been neglected over the years and are extremely overgrown.  We have organized volunteer days to clear the trash and some of the weeds but we will need to hire the Los Angeles Conservation Corps or a professional tree-trimming service to take out many of the older trees that have are not healthy and are shading the vegetable plots.  The garden needs to be completely revitalized in order to beautify the community. We also need to bring the garden into compliance with LADWP regulations. If you would like to volunteer, please contact [email protected] for details. 

Gaffey St Community Garden

cropped-san_pedro-community-gardensThe Gaffey Street Community Garden in San Pedro was founded more than 40 years ago on a 4-acre site owned by the Los Angeles City Bureau of Sanitation, one mile west of the port of San Pedro and alongside the 110 freeway.  There are 200 families working 15’ x 15’ plots to grow healthy food in the garden.  Los Angeles Community Garden Council is working to revitalize this garden and we have hired a consultant community organizer to work with the gardeners to organize an effective volunteer management team and regular gardener meetings. 

Stanford-Avalon Community Garden

Opened in 2006, Stanford-Avalon Community Garden in the Watts area of South Los Angeles is LA Community Garden Council’s largest partner garden with 180 30’x30’ plots.  Many of the gardeners are first-generation immigrants to the US who rely on the produce for their families’ livelihood.  The garden runs under LA Department of Water and Power lines for seven city blocks from 109th Street to 116th Street.

For additional information on any of these projects, please emails us at [email protected].