Thanks to the generosity of the landowner, Crenshaw Community Garden has been going strong on the same site since 1979. Located between Arlington Heights and Wilshire Park, just south of Pico Blvd., Crenshaw Community Garden provides an important green space in a dense urban neighborhood with very few parks.

We were one of the first community gardens in Los Angeles. Currently, we have 36 plots with about 50 gardeners and an orchard of 13 communal fruit trees. About half the gardeners are senior citizens. Gardeners come from Korea, Latin America, India, Europe, and all over the USA. In addition to the value to the gardeners, we educate people who want to start gardening at home. Every year we have at least one school group visit and volunteer. Sometimes people stop by just to feel for a few minutes that they are in the countryside, far away from the bustle of the city. We are recipients of the 2024 Partnership for Grow Los Angeles Freedom Farms program. 


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